English Premier League Liverpool vs Southampton: match preview

new typeFootballPosted on May 08,2021


Current statistics of Liverpool

It seems that Liverpool hasn’t improved much recently. A wave of draws has been mediocre for three consecutive years, and the home win rate has dropped to only about 20%. It is really difficult to cheer up, and because of their last round of league postponement, the cups are all. Out of the game, they have not had any games for nearly two weeks now, and their status is still unknown.

Current statistics of Southampton

Southampton's current situation can be said to be carefree. After all, they have basically gone ashore safely, and the remaining games are just a walkthrough. This is one of the reasons why Southampton's recent situation has declined. They have not had any in the past 4 games. The winning record and the winning percentage have dropped sharply to only 30%, and the frontline problem that has plagued the team for a long time has not been effectively resolved. Whether the goal can be scored depends on the state of Ince and the help of the penalty kick. In view of the team's current fighting spirit It's not very sufficient, and I'm afraid it shouldn't be too high for the subsequent events.


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