English Premier League Liverpool vs Everton: match preview

new typeFootballPosted on February 20,2021


Current statistics of Liverpool

The impact of injury, Liverpool's performance this season is not ideal, before the arrival of the Champions League, they actually suffered a wave of three-game losing streak, this seems to be the first time in these two seasons, enough to explain the current state of the Red Army's difference. , But proud of the League Frustration Cup. In the UEFA Champions League in the middle of the week, Liverpool, which is not optimistic, suddenly broke out. It easily defeated the powerful Bundesliga powerhouse Leipzig 2-0 to take the lead. Given that Liverpool has basically no league this season. There is a chance to win the championship, and they will definitely focus on the Champions League 100% next time. The league only needs to be guaranteed four, so I am afraid that there will be the possibility of staying in the Champions League.

Current statistics of Everton

Everton’s recent state is not very good either. In the last two rounds of the league, they lost to Fulham and Manchester City. They also suffered a losing streak. Fortunately, the team’s away combat effectiveness is fair, and the last 7 away games have remained unbeaten. , And also won 5 of them. From the data point of view, Everton this season is obviously better than the home. Since the start of the game, there have been only 2 away games, and it has first-class off-site combat ability, so this campaign In the face of a strong enemy, Everton did not show weakness.


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