English Premier League Leicester City vs Crystal Palace: match tips

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Current statistics of Leicester City

Leicester City currently ranks third in the standings with 59 points, and Chelsea and West Ham are behind them. The team's next game must not be missed, and the fighting spirit will be more natural. The team completed the relegation zone team West Bromwich Albion 3-0 at home in the midweek league, Vardy broke the ball, Ishinacho and Evans scored a goal each, and finally sealed the victory with 3 goals. And the team's performance at home is not as good as away, with 9 losses this season as many as 7 at home. But this time facing the crystal palace of average strength, it is not difficult to win.

Current statistics of Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace is currently ranked 13th in the league, leading the relegation zone by 11 points with the remaining 7 games, and there is a lot of pressure to relegation. The last game was against Chelsea on April 11. At present, they have got up to 16 days of rest to prepare for this game, and they have an advantage in physical fitness. The game was swept by the Blues with 3 goals. The team only relied on Schlupp to assist Benteke to score the only goal of the team.


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