English Premier League Leeds United vs Liverpool: match tips

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Current statistics of Leeds United

Leeds United ranks 10th with 45 points after 31 rounds of the Premier League this season, far exceeding expectations. He is currently 19 points ahead of the relegation zone, and he is in an undesirable position. The follow-up event is afraid of lack of fighting intentions. However, last weekend the Premier League defeated Manchester City 2-1 away, the team defeated the opponent by counterattack in the end with one less player. The morale of the team was boosted, and it has won 3 consecutive victories and is in good condition.

Current statistics of Liverpool

Liverpool played one more UEFA Champions League knockout match in the middle of the week and finally drew with Real Madrid. The total score of the two rounds was 1-3 and missed the semi-finals, which consumed a lot of physical energy. However, the team has performed well in the recent league, with a three-game winning streak, and the recent state has picked up. At present, the team has finished 31 rounds and recorded 15 wins, 7 draws and 9 losses. With 52 points, it ranks 6th in the standings. It is still 3 points away from the top four. There is still a chance to win a place in the Champions League. A lot of meaning.


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