English Premier League Fulham vs Wolves: match preview and tips

new typeFootballPosted on April 09,2021


Current statistics of Fulham

Fulham's overall performance this season is very mediocre. At present, he has only scored 26 points and is temporarily third from the bottom in the standings. After one more game, he is behind the safety zone by three points, although they are three relegation zone balls. The only team in the team that still has hope of relegation, but it is still very difficult. After all, they have been in a very poor state recently. In the critical stage of chasing points, they lost to Manchester City, Leeds United and Villa suffered a three-game losing streak. , Which directly led to a missed opportunity to surpass Newcastle. From the data point of view, Fulham's defense has a lot of problems, which may leave hidden dangers.

Current statistics of Wolves

Compared with the previous two seasons, the Wolves this season is not only less powerful than before, but also in a state of instability. It is hard to find a win in the last five games, and it has encountered zero seals many times during the period. There are no small problems on both sides of the offense and defense. After this wave of lows, the team's current ranking in the standings has dropped to 14th, and it has basically announced that it has missed the European war ahead of time. At the same time, it has a great advantage in leading the relegation zone. It can be said that the Wolves has no desire for it at present.


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