English Premier League Fulham vs Manchester City: Match Tips

new typeFootballPosted on March 13,2021


Current statistics of Fulham

Driven by the pressure of relegation, Fulham seems to have exploded with a lot of potential recently. Not only has the unbeaten rate as high as 80% in the past 10 matches, but also defeated Liverpool in the last round, and even zero opponents in the game. Throughout the past few games, Fulham has conceded very few goals. It can be seen that the defensive end has improved very well. This is also the main reason for the performance. At present, Fulham has successfully tied the previous score in terms of points. Brighton, there is only one step away from jumping out of the demotion zone. In this battle, facing the powerful Manchester City, it is very likely that they will be tenacious and desperate to the end.

Current statistics of Manchester City

Manchester City has been maintaining a stable performance in recent times. Although it lost the Derby during the period, it did not seem to affect the team's performance. The last round immediately fought Southampton with a 5-2 big shot and quickly returned to victory. With Manchester City’s current excellent state, I believe it is enough to make all European teams feel scared. In order to win the championship as soon as possible, Manchester City naturally hopes to be able to grab more points in the remaining games to ensure that there is no worries.


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