English Premier League Everton vs Southampton: match preview

new typeFootballPosted on March 01,2021


Current statistics of Everton

Everton is temporarily ranked 7th in the league with one short match. In order to qualify for the European war next season, Everton is naturally full of fighting spirit for the remaining games, but the team is often unable to do so. The past 8 Although Everton has had such a feat as a victory over Liverpool in the match, most of the time it was unbalanced and lost, and the winning rate was pitifully low. It is worth mentioning that the injury of England striker Lewin will also attack the team's attack line. Cause no small impact.

Current statistics of Southampton

Southampton has also been in a trough recently. In the last round of the league, facing the newly promoted Leeds United, the team lost 0-3 to their opponents. The team has suffered 6 losses in the past 8 matches and suffered the most serious blow of the season. Of course, this is more or less related to the team's serious injuries. At present, as many as 8 players in the team have been absent due to injuries, which has a serious impact on the front, middle and back three lines.


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