English Premier League Crystal Palace vs Arsenal: match Preview

new typeFootballPosted on May 19,2021


Current statistics of Crystal Palace.

Crystal Palace defeated Villa at home in the last round, but objectively speaking, their fundamentals are still somewhat different from Arsenal, and the team's current desire to fight is not very strong. On the contrary, in addition to being in a good state, the team is currently making a full sprint to compete for the Europa League qualification. It is really difficult for the Crystal Palace to compete with Arsenal in the away game.

Current statistics of Arsenal

Although Arsenal were eliminated in the Europa League semi-finals not long ago, their momentum in the league is quite good. They have won all three rounds, and they beat Chelsea away in the last round, which is really a match that raised eyebrows. However, Arteta is still under great pressure. After all, there are only two rounds left in the league, but they have not yet been able to secure the qualifications for the European war. But fortunately, their opponents in the last two rounds were only Crystal Palace and Brighton, and Arsenal had a greater chance of winning at a normal level.


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