English Premier League Chelsea vs Manchester United: match tips

new typeFootballPosted on February 27,2021


Current statistics of Chelsea

Today's Chelsea can be described as a youth blue team that is fully on track after a coaching change. Since Tuchel took office, Chelsea have never lost a battle. After 9 official games, they have achieved 7 wins and 2 draws. The opponents defeated during the period. Including strong opponents such as Tottenham and Atletico Madrid, with this wave of scoring climax, Chelsea is now nearly 2 points behind the top four in terms of points ranking, and has rekindled hopes of winning the Champions League. Next, Chelsea will naturally take advantage of it. Hot, full speed ahead.

Current statistics of Manchester United

Although Manchester United has been thrown away by more than 10 points from its rivals Manchester City, the difficulty of winning the championship has suddenly increased. This is mainly due to the fact that the Red Devils have more draws during this period. However, in terms of the overall trend, Manchester United is still quite stable. On the battlefield, Manchester United easily eliminated Real Sociedad 4-0 to advance to the next round. The last round of the league was a three-goal victory over Newcastle. At the same time, Manchester United is the only Premier League goal that is still undefeated in the away game this season. The team's ability to fight off-site is first-rate, so even if it goes to Stamford Bridge in this game, it is fearless.


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