English Premier League Chelsea vs Everton: match preview and tips

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Current statistics of Chelsea

Since Tuchel took over, Chelsea has undergone a complete transformation. During this period, there was no win in all competitions, and a wave of 9 wins and 3 draws. In the league, the FA Cup and the Champions League three lines, the momentum was no different. With this wave of scoring climax, the team has now successfully ranked among the top four in the standings. In order to stabilize the Champions League seat while continuing to sprint upwards, Chelsea must take all three points in this game.

Current statistics of Everton

Everton has suffered a considerable reduction in the thickness of the lineup due to injuries this season. Major players including Lewin, Ronaldo, Mina, Davis, Coleman, etc. are all missed due to injuries and have played both offense and defense against the team. This is the main reason for the ups and downs of the team’s previous record. Fortunately, Richard Leeson’s recent performance has picked up. Recently, he has scored several goals and helped the team play a wave of three consecutive games. Winning a good record, successfully out of the trough, but in this high-intensity competition, relying on him alone to take the lead, I am afraid that there is still a big problem.


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