English Premier League Brighton vs West Ham United: match preview

new typeFootballPosted on May 15,2021


Current statistics of Brighton

Since Brighton has successfully relegated in the last round of the game, Brighton is hopeless in the following game, and judging from the performance of the recent period, their state is also good and bad, when it is good. Able to grab points from the strong teams of Everton, Chelsea, and Leeds United, and lose to the underdogs when bad. In view of the team’s current main injuries, Dunk, the main central defender in the last round, was unfortunately suspended. Therefore, the team does not rule out sending young players to the game without any worries.

Current statistics of West Ham United

For West Ham United, their mission this season has not been completely over. After all, they still have a little hope of entering the top four, even if they fail to succeed in the end, it is necessary to keep their seat in the Europa League. After all, they have Liverpool Tottenham Arsenal behind them. They are far from letting down their vigilance. Although West Ham United’s recent state is not ideal, the away performance is still remarkable. This game encounters underdogs, and it happens to be Their best chance to rebound.


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