English Premier League Brighton vs Manchester City: match preview and tips

new typeFootballPosted on May 18,2021


Current statistics of Brighton

Brighton's overall performance this season was poor, and it continued to fall in the later period. It has been on the edge of the relegation zone for a long time. Now it can be smoothly relegated thanks to the strength of the relegation team this season is too weak to make any waves. Otherwise, Brighton is afraid. It’s not that easy, perhaps because of the worry-free relegation. Brighton’s recent state still hasn’t improved much. Basically, it’s over after this season, and I don’t expect them to have any wonderful performances in the last two rounds. .

Current statistics of Manchester City

Manchester City has already won the championship ahead of schedule. With the championship trophy in hand, they will hardly guarantee that they will rotate their main players in the subsequent matches. After all, they will still have the Champions League final to play. Therefore, the remaining leagues may be based on training, but even if they are substitutes, With Manchester City's strong lineup and potential new stars such as Torres, I believe that they are still capable of winning away games with their strength advantages. After all, the last round of visits to Newcastle is an example. The strength of players such as Jesus and Torres still cannot be underestimated.


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