English Premier League Brighton vs Leicester City: match preview

new typeFootballPosted on March 06,2021


Current statistics of Brighton

Brighton is a small club in the Premier League. Due to the relatively mediocre players in the team, the overall strength is naturally not strong. At present, they are on the edge of the relegation zone. It is good to just want to be relegated this season. It is just the current team. The state is not so good. After losing to the relegation rival West Brom in the last round, the team has lost five consecutive games. During the period, the striker did not score many times. The problem is still relatively big.

Current statistics of Leicester City

Leicester City has been in poor condition in recent times. Not only was it unfortunately out of the European War, but the league was also unwinnable. Now the team has lost hope of winning and only the goal of keeping four is left. Due to the location of Leicester City Not as stable as Manchester City and Manchester United, so they will definitely be seen by Chelsea and Liverpool as the objects they want to surpass, and Leicester City recently lost to teams that are weaker than their own, which has caused a lot to the team. The morale blow, whether this campaign can adjust the state in time is still unknown.


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