English Premier League Brighton vs Crystal Palace: match tips

new typeFootballPosted on February 22,2021


Current statistics of Brighton

Brighton has gradually gotten on the right track in recent times. In the Premier League, they have played a wave of unbeaten records of 4 wins and 3 draws. During the period, they also defeated Liverpool and Tottenham and other strong teams. It is quite surprising, although the FA Unfortunately, they were eliminated from the Cup tournament, but it did not hurt. After all, for them, the successful relegation of the league is the most important thing, and from the data point of view, Brighton's recent defensive quality has improved greatly, with zero blocking rate in recent times. It soared to 50%. With this wave of climax, Brighton has now escaped from the relegation zone and the pressure to relegation is greatly reduced. This is undoubtedly a great encouragement to the team's morale.

Current statistics of Crystal Palace

The overall performance of Crystal Palace this season is mediocre. It is currently in the middle and lower reaches of the Premier League, 10 points higher than the relegation zone. There is no pressure to relegation temporarily. Perhaps because of this, the fighting spirit of Crystal Palace is not very strong, resulting in great fluctuations in the record. The highlight moment of victory, and the downturn of losing streak, they lost to Leeds United and Burnley in the last two games, and their morale was once again frustrated. From the data point of view, the Crystal Palace not only has weak offensive firepower, but also has many holes in the back In particular, their defensive intensity has gradually declined in recent times, mainly due to the increase in injured players in the back line, which directly affects the overall level of the team.


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