English Premier League Aston Villa vs Wolves: match tips

new typeFootballPosted on 2021-10-16 16:20


Current statistics of Aston Villa

Aston Villa will sit on the team’s home court to face the arrival of the Wolves. Although this game is Aston Villa’s home court, for Aston Villa, this game wants to be on the Wolves team too. It is not easy. After all, after losing the core Glarish this season, Villa’s strength has clearly shown a downward trend, and his performance so far has been struggling. Although the defense is still remarkable, the offensive power is obviously not as good as before, especially just now. After losing the battle, this battle is undoubtedly a big test for Aston Villa.

Current statistics of Wolves

The Wolves can be said to have found a big treasure in the transfer market this summer. South Korea international Huang Heechan has only joined the team for just over a month and has helped the team score 3 goals, which has become the absolute winner of the team many times. The hero, in the last round of the game against Newcastle, it was with Huang Xican's second brace that allowed the team to score three points. Xi said that it had its first consecutive win in the new season, which undoubtedly greatly improved morale, despite this. The Wolves need to play away games, but judging from their recent three-game winning streak and zero goals, they are completely fearless.


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