English Premier League Aston Villa vs Wolves: match preview

new typeFootballPosted on March 06,2021


Current statistics of Aston Villa

Villa this season has completely subverted the state of last season. The improvement is very obvious. Although the state of the team has been slightly ups and downs recently, the team was upset in the last round and lost to Sheffield United. However, the overall offensive and defensive performance of the team is good. The quality of defense is comparable to Tottenham and Arsenal, second only to Manchester City, and the offensive output is also guaranteed. The only worry is whether the team's morale will be affected after the upset loss in the last round.

Current statistics of Wolves

In the last round against the giants Manchester City, the Wolves had double-killed Manchester City last season, so the outside world was also looking forward to the Wolves’ winning streak in preventing Manchester City before the game, but the results showed that people still think more about it. The Wolves were crushed by Manchester City and ended in a 1-4 disastrous defeat. As of now, the Wolves have been defeated for two consecutive rounds, and the ranking has therefore been stagnant. It is relatively slim to want to enter the European war this season.


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