English Premier League Arsenal vs Tenham Hotspur: Match Tips

new typeFootballPosted on March 14,2021


Current statistics of Arsenal

Arsenal has ushered in a significant improvement in the state of the recent period. In the last 7 games, except for the loss to Manchester City, Arsenal have remained unbeaten against other teams. During the period, they played against Benfica and Leicester. It’s a great encouragement to the team’s morale, but it’s worth noting that since Arsenal are currently 10 points behind the European theater, it is very difficult to achieve a counterattack. Therefore, the focus of the team's next campaign may be placed on the Europa League, and the league is afraid it will retain its strength.

Current statistics of Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham Hotspur is a strong team in the Premier League. The team once had the strength to compete in the first half, but unfortunately fell behind in the middle, which caused the great future to be squandered. Like Arsenal, Tottenham have the same recently. Ushered in a wave of scoring climax, the past 5 games have won all the games. During the period, the offensive and defensive is excellent. Not only the offensive firepower is fierce, but the defensive quality is also greatly improved. What is more commendable is the return of winger Bell's state. In the last round In the league, Bell scored twice and helped the team reap a big victory. Now he has become another main goal scoring player besides Kane and Sun Xingmin.


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