English Premier League Arsenal vs Manchester City: match tips

new typeFootballPosted on February 21,2021


Current statistics of Arsenal

Arsenal finally ushered in signs of recovery after three unbeaten matches in the league. Last round, they repelled Leeds 4-2 at home. The Midweek European game retired against Benfica in the away game. But overall the team’s The strength has not been restored to the best level. As a former four madman, Arsenal has a lot of problems in the post Wenger era, sometimes weak front, sometimes poor defense, and it is always difficult to restore the former rich level.

Current statistics of Manchester City

On the other hand, Manchester City is on the same track. Under the leadership of coach Guardiola, the team has become more and more swift recently. After the last round of Everton, the team has played a wave of 17 consecutive victories in all competitions. Invincible, currently leading the Premier League with 56 points. It has already left behind Manchester United by 10 points. It is regarded by the outside world as the most popular team to win the Premier League this season. From the data point of view, Manchester City not only output firepower this season. Stable, and the defensive work has been done well. The team has only conceded 15 goals in the current league, which is the least conceded in the Premier League. This is also their capital for winning the championship.


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