English Premier League Arsenal vs Everton: Match Preview

new typeFootballPosted on April 23,2021


Current statistics of Arsenal

Arsenal are now ranked 9th in the Premier League with 46 points. Although there is a huge difference from the top team, as long as the next effort is a little bit, it is not without a chance to enter the European war zone. After all, fans will not allow the team to even have the European Union zone. It is really shameful for France to fight for it, and from the recent performance, Arsenal has also had a clear rebound trend. They have won smoothly in Europa and the Premier League. The only thing worth worrying about is the team’s home game. , After all, they have lost 4 consecutive home games.

Current statistics of Everton

Everton is currently ranked 8th in the league with one less game. It should be said that their hopes of entering the European game are greater than Arsenal, but their recent overall state is really too bad, despite the last round. Ping Tottenham, the performance is not bad, but looking at the last 6 league rounds, Everton not only has a hard-to-find victory, but also only scored 3 points in total. The efficiency of grabbing points is simply outrageously inefficient, and it has passed five levels from the team at the beginning of the season. The contrast between the six generals is very strong. Of course, this is also related to Everton’s injury problem. Some time ago, many of the team’s main players, including forward Lewin, had varying degrees of injury problems, although it has already been greatly affected. Alleviate, but the players may still have status problems in a short time.


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