EFL Championship Rotherham vs Coventry: Match Tips

new typeFootballPosted on April 15,2021


Current statistics of Rotherham

Rotherham defeated the Queen’s Park Rangers on the road in the last round and scored a long-lost 3 points. At the same time, it also put an end to the downturn of the previous 3 rounds. Although Rotherham is still 3 points behind the safety line, they However, there are two fewer matches than Coventry. Once the make-up matches are completed, their hopes of relegation will greatly increase, so the remaining matches Rotherham will definitely be full of fighting spirit.

Current statistics of Coventry

Coventry currently ranks 21st temporarily with 42 points. There is a lot of pressure to relegation. After being promoted to the British Championship, they have been hovering in the relegation zone. The team did not bring you any surprises. The overall strength of the team It is still difficult to compete with other teams, and there are no bright spots in the near future. In the last round, they lost to Bournemouth with 4 goals. The recent loss rate is also as high as 50%, which is still a great blow to the team's morale.


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