EFL Championship Luton vs Rotherham: Match Tips

new typeFootballPosted on May 04,2021


Current statistics of Luton

Luton ranked in the upper reaches of the league this season, and now the final round of the contest is coming. The team has neither the possibility of upgrading nor the pressure to relegation. It can be said that this game may be dealt with casually. Anyway, there will be any results. Possibly, Luton's recent state is doing well and has maintained an unbeaten record in 4 consecutive games, but it is worth mentioning that Luton's home game is limited.

Current statistics of Rotherham

Rotherham is still in the relegation zone, and now all three teams have the same 40 points, so this game is a key for the team. Naturally, there is no doubt about the fighting spirit, but Rotherham has not played well recently. Well, I have failed to win 4 consecutive games, coupled with the decline in away combat ability, the last game was even zero by Barnsley, it is not easy for Rotherham in this state to win.


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