EFL Championship Huddersfield vs Birmingham: match preview and tips

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Current statistics of Huddersfield

Huddersfield has a poor record recently. In the past 10 games, they have lost to their opponents in 7 games, and they have lost to Derby County and Preston in the recent past. During the period, they failed to score a goal, but conceded 5 goals, which shows their offensive and defensive ends. There are big problems, and under the crazy loss of points, the team’s current ranking has plummeted and has fallen to the 19th position. Although it is still 7 points ahead of the relegation zone, there is no worry about relegation, but according to this momentum It may not take long for development to continue.

Current statistics of Birmingham

Birmingham can be regarded as a team with a long history in English football. They have also had a long history of playing in the Premier League, but the state of the team has been deteriorating in recent years. This year, it seems that it will be difficult to stay in the Premier League. After all, Birmingham is currently only 5 points ahead of the relegation zone. The good news is that the team's recent state has finally improved. In the past three games, they have defeated Sheffield Wednesday and Queens Park. The former weakness of the forward seems to have been improved. This It is undoubtedly a positive sign.


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