EFL Championship Coventry vs Middlesbrough: match preview

new typeFootballPosted on March 02,2021


*Current statistics of Coventry

The overall performance of Coventry is poor. After the last ten games, only two victories have been won. The team has been more cautious in playing. It has not scored many goals in four consecutive games. However, Coventry is relatively good at home games. In the past, Eight of his ten home games are unbeaten. It is a team that relies more on home points to grab points. As the main defender Osdigua missed the game because of the red card, it has an impact on the team's defensive adjustment.

Current statistics of Middlesbrough

Middlesbrough history and Coventry have been unbeaten in 8 of the past ten encounters, but Middlesbrough did not do well on the defensive end. In the last ten games, nine of the last ten games have lost goals. The back line The upside is quite weak, but fortunately, Middlesbrough's offensive end is guaranteed, and he has scored six consecutive games.


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