EFL Championship Bournemouth vs Brentford: match preview and tips

new typeFootballPosted on May 17,2021


Current statistics of Bournemouth

At the end of the regular season, Bournemouth ended the regular season with an incredible three-game losing streak. During the period, it was even more fruitless, which was shocking. This wave of losing streak also caused them to have a chance to hit the top four. They ended up not only wasting it. With a great opportunity, the original fifth position could not be kept. It could only finish in sixth place and became the least dominant team in the play-offs. As a result, Bournemouth wanted to break through. It needs to work harder, and it also needs luck. To be honest, Brother Pen is not very optimistic about their prospects.

Current statistics of Brentford

In contrast, the most normal play-off among the four teams in the play-offs was Brentford. At the critical juncture of the final, Brentford had a shocking four-game winning streak, directly surpassing Swansea. Rushing to the third position, during the period, Brentford not only broke the front line and scored continuously, but also achieved zero seals on the defensive end. In other words, Brentford is not only morale high, but also has both offensive and defensive capabilities. The team that has the most chance to upgrade in the play-offs, Pen Ge is also very much looking forward to them.


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