EFL Championship Blackburn vs Derby County: match preview and tips

new typeFootballPosted on April 16,2021


Current statistics of Blackburn

Blackburn originally belonged to the mid-range team of the British Championship, but the overall performance this season is not ideal. Now it has fallen to the middle and lower reaches. Although there is no pressure to relegation for the time being, the team's state is too sluggish, and it has not won in a row in recent times. The winning rate has also dropped to only about 10%. As long as they watch the fans drowsy and can't lift a trace of energy, I am afraid that for Blackburn, the rest of the game is not too big, so it should not be high. estimate.

Current statistics of Derby County

Derby County seems to have returned to a bad state recently. With the reduction of relegation pressure, their desire to fight on the court seems to be declining. After losing to Reading and Norwich recently, the team currently has the advantage of leading the relegation zone. It has been reduced to 4 points, and the pressure of relegation has increased sharply. After all, there are still 5 rounds in the league. Any situation can happen. For Derby County, we must not be careless, especially the weak offensive end. Then we must adjust the state.


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