EFL Championship Birmingham vs Swansea: match preview

new typeFootballPosted on April 01,2021


Current statistics of Birmingham

Birmingham is currently ranked 21st, only a few minutes away from the relegation zone. Now the season is about to end with 8 rounds. If Birmingham's subsequent performance is not good, then the team will face relegation. Birmingham's recent performance has been poor. It has only won one victory in the last five games. In addition, Birmingham has some weakness on the offensive end. In the past ten games, only 7 goals have been scored. The defense performance is not stable. Going to Swansea, I am afraid it will be difficult to win at home.

Current statistics of Swansea

Although Swansea has been left behind by his opponents due to his recent poor performance, Swansea has had more wins and fewer losses in nearly ten clashes with Birmingham. The team has a psychological advantage, and Swansea is also relatively better. He is good at fighting in different places. In the past ten away games, the unbeaten rate has reached 70%. It seems that this challenge to Birmingham, everything is under control.


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