EFL Championship Barnsley vs Swansea: Match Preview

new typeFootballPosted on May 17,2021


Current statistics of Barnsley

Barnsley lost points consecutively on Preston and Norwich in the last two rounds of the regular season. As a result, they had a chance to be ranked fourth and they ended up in fifth place, thus missing the first away and the last. In order to advance to the next round smoothly, Barnsley must have a sufficient lead in this game. It’s just that Barnsley’s home performance has not been very good in the past 6 games. There were only 2 wins in the tournament, and there was a history of upset and losing to the relegation team on Wednesday, so it is difficult to guarantee how they will perform in this campaign.

Current statistics of Swansea

For Swansea, they also had a chance to rank third during the regular season, but unfortunately the final stage was too turbulent. As a result, not only did they miss third, but they almost didn't even keep fourth, which is really impressive. Disappointed. However, from the data point of view, Swansea's strength is still very strong. Not only does it have the same offensive firepower as Barnsley, but also the defensive quality is even better. The current conceded rate is still around 0.8 goals. It will be their next winning capital.


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