Eerste Divisie Jong PSV Eindhoven (Youth) vs De Graafschap: match preview and tips

new typeFootballPosted on April 19,2021


Current statistics of Jong PSV Eindhoven (Youth)

Although Jong PSV Eindhoven (Youth) lost 3 games in a row a while ago, the team did not fail. They have performed well recently and have maintained an undefeated record in 5 consecutive games. The last game was a zero win against FC Eindhoven. Hoin has boosted player morale to a certain extent, and maintained stable firepower on the offensive end. The average 1.7 goals per game in the last ten games is enough to help the team go further.

Current statistics of De Graafschap

De Graafschap is currently ranked second in the league. It has the upper hand in the past ten encounters with opponents. The team is better at fighting in different places. The unbeaten rate of the past ten away games has reached 70%. De Graafschap's overall state He played stable, and his defense has been improved recently. He has won two consecutive games with zero opponents.


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