Copa America Argentina vs Ecuador: Match Tips

new typeFootballPosted on 2021-07-03 15:00


Current statistics of Argentina

Argentina's goal this time is still very clear, which is to point directly to the championship. Therefore, the fighting spirit of the whole team is very high, and from the perspective of strength, Argentina is in good shape at this Copa America. Scoring goals, ensuring stable output, and the defense line is also very stable, so far only conceded 2 goals, in the case of both offensive and defensive, Lingxi is looking forward to the next performance of Argentina.

Current statistics of Ecuador

Ecuador's strength in South America is relatively weak, and the group stage is just a fluke. After all, since the start of the match, Ecuador is still hard to find a win, and has conceded every game. The overall state is very depressed. I want to hope that they can create. Miracle, I'm afraid it's not realistic.


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