Chambly vs Le Havre: match preview and tips

new typeFootballPosted on January 05,2021


Status of Chambly:

Chambly recent record has improved significantly compared to the previous period. In the past 8 league games, Chambly has been able to score points smoothly against other opponents, except for the loss to Valenciennes, including the tie for second place in the league. Troyes, the rebound momentum is quite obvious. From the data point of view, the biggest change in the recent period of Chambly is to find an offensive method. During this period, they have scored goals in almost every game and averaged scoring during this period. The ball rate reached 1.5 goals, which is a leap forward compared to the previous period. Now, with this wave of record, Chambly has successfully got rid of the position of deputy squad leader and temporarily escaped from the relegation zone. There is great hope for relegation.

Status of Le Havre:

In contrast, Le Havre is a different scene. After being tied by Rodez in the last round, the team has not won 8 consecutive rounds. During the period, it has only won 4 through a few draws. The efficiency is not as good as before, and the team has dropped from the top three in the league to the 13th place now, and Le Havre currently has large ups and downs on both offensive and defensive ends, which is elusive.


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