Bundesliga Stuttgart vs Augsburg: Game Tips

new typeFootballPosted on May 07,2021


Current statistics of Stuttgart

Stuttgart suffered a four-game losing streak early in the league after losing 0-2 away to RB Leipzig in the last round. The state and morale must be very poor. Basically, the team has done nothing defensively recently. It has conceded goals in four consecutive games. It is excusable for Dortmund, Wolfsburg and Leipzig to concede goals, but it also lost two goals against Berlin United. There is no excuse for the ball, and the weak defense is basically solid.

Current statistics of Augsburg

Augsburg also lost nearly four and three without winning. Three of them were zero blocked by opponents. In addition, seven of the past eight league away games have been lost. This campaign is basically a fifty-five win between the sailors and the sailors. However, Stuttgart has won three times in four matches in the last two seasons. The first leg of this season's match was also a 4-1 victory over Augsburg in the away game, which can be said to occupy the commanding heights psychologically.


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