Bundesliga Hoffenheim vs Leverkusen: match preview and tips

new typeFootballPosted on April 12,2021


Current statistics of Hoffenheim

Hoffenheim suffered a three-game losing streak in an away 1-2 loss to Augsburg in the last round, and there is a downward trend in state and morale. Although the team has maintained a relatively stable firepower recently, the defense of sinkholes has always been difficult to balance. So far this season, there have been only 4 non-losing goals in 27 league games. Basically, there have been conceded goals. And Hoffenheim's recent home game The performance is also useless.

Current statistics of Leverkusen

Leverkusen's morale rebounded after defeating Schalke 2-1 at home in the last round. Many wounded players in the team have come back. The youngster Wiltz, who has performed quite well recently, can also come on the bench. From the state of the game It looks pretty good, and the overall strength of the team has clearly picked up. However, Leverkusen's recent playing style is relatively cautious. In the past seven games, he has not scored many goals in 6 times. It is still unknown whether this game's playing style will change.


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