Bundesliga Bielefeld vs Werder Bremen: match tips

new typeFootballPosted on March 10,2021


Current statistics of Bielefeld

In the last round of the league, Bielefeld drew 0-0 at home with the Berlin United. Recently, the league has not won for six consecutive rounds, and the overall state and morale are relatively low. The team’s recent offensive end has had a lot of problems. The opponents have suffered zero seals in three consecutive games. The average number of shots per game is less than 6 times. The frontcourt is weak. Although this campaign has the advantage of the home court, it is equally tough against the defense. Bremen has little chance of winning.

Current statistics of Werder Bremen

Werder Bremen drew 1-1 with Cologne in the last game. It has already lost points for the third time in the last four rounds of the league. Recently, the overall state has been relatively erratic. The team’s recent offensive performance has been very slow. In the past five consecutive league games, there have been no particles in the half, and they have been unable to play a stale situation. Moreover, their ability to go against the wind is very poor. Most of the first conceded games are difficult to reverse. Hope, this campaign is not strong away.


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