Auxerre vs Caen: Match Preview

new typeFootballPosted on January 05,2021


Status of Auxerre:

Auxerre’s recent performance is very good. After winning Dunkkui 1-0 in the last round, the team not only regained a winning streak, but also expanded its unbeaten record to 10 games. With this wave of success, the team’s current The league ranking has also risen to fourth place in the standings, only 2 points behind the top. This shows that Auxerre has the strength to compete for the championship. Under such a background, their future will only be more fierce.

Status of Caen:

Of course Caen is also in good condition. Although the stability of the team is poor, it has obviously fallen into a low point recently. In the last round, it lost 4 goals to Sochaux, but they are not without the power of a battle. After all, they will still concede goals so far. The rate is controlled at about 1 goal. A relatively stable back line is their key. The disadvantage is that the team sacrificed offense for defense. At present, the average goal is only about one goal per game. The offense is more difficult, but given that the team has nearly 3 goals Two of the away matches were won, and this away game is undoubtedly also competitive.


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