2. Bundesliga Kilgostin vs Sandhausen: match tips

new typeFootballPosted on 2021-05-04 17:25


Current statistics of Kil Goldstein

Kil Goldstein was once the highest team in the league, but the current state is really embarrassing. Fortunately, the last victory over Osnabrook ended the team’s embarrassment of failing to win three consecutive games. , It is worth mentioning that Kilgostin's home game level is guaranteed, and the unbeaten rate in the past ten home games has reached 70%.

Current statistics of Sandhausen

Sandhausen is currently ranked 15th in the second Bundesliga. The team has been in a good shape recently. It has won all three consecutive games. It can be seen that Sandhausen is working hard to relegation. , But the team is not good at away games. The past 9 away games have been wiped out. I hope that under the pressure of relegation, Sandhausen can explode to his potential.


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