2. Bundesliga Heidenheimer vs Kiel Goldstein: Match Tips

new typeFootballPosted on April 06,2021


Crrent statistics of Heidenheimer

Heidenheimer suffered a three-game losing streak recently, and his morale is quite low. Although he has maintained an unbeaten record in five consecutive games recently, his current state has declined significantly. Two league games have been blocked, and his offense is relatively weak. At present, 39 points are ranked in the upper middle and upper reaches of the game, but the team's home performance is relatively strong, 13 home games only lost 2 games, is the team's scoring powerhouse, this round of home games has a certain advantage.

Crrent statistics of Holstein Kiel

Holstein Kiel has drew 1-1 with Hamburg in the last two consecutive league rounds. The last time he lost to Bochum 1-2, he was defeated in two rounds and his morale declined. Due to the impact of the epidemic, the last round was the first match in which the team had no official game for nearly a month, and it was inevitable that the team would lose. At present, the team is still ranked 4th in the standings with 46 points in two short matches, only 4 points away from the direct promotion zone. This game is full of fighting spirit. And the team has a good away fighting capacity.


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