2.Bundesliga Hannover 96 vs Wurzburger Kickers: match tips

new typeFootballPosted on April 08,2021


Current statistics of Hannover 96

Hannover 96 drew Hamburg after falling behind in the last game, which greatly improved the team's morale. However, Hannover 96 has been tied for three consecutive games. The recent state trend is relatively bad. Fortunately, the offensive end is guaranteed. The last few games have scored goals, this time against the penultimate team, Hannover 96 has the hope of winning.

Current statistics of Wurzburger Kickers

Wurzburger Kickers is currently ranked last in the Bundesliga Second League. The team’s relegation is a foregone conclusion. It has failed to win five consecutive games, and Wurzburger Kickers is not good at fighting in different places. The past ten away games have only won. After a victory, coupled with the team's defensive performance is quite weak, the opponent has scored goals in ten consecutive games, such a sluggish Wurzburger Kickers, I am afraid that it is difficult to make a difference.


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