2. Bundesliga Hamburgr vs Karlsruher: match preview

new typeFootballPosted on April 29,2021


Current statistics of Hamburgr

Hamburgr drew 1-1 with Regensburg in the last round. Recently, it has lost four consecutive rounds, and its state and morale are getting worse. Although the team currently ranks third in the standings and holds a qualification to upgrade to the play-offs, there is only 2 points behind Kil Golding, who has only 3 rounds of matches behind, and the hope of upgrading is getting smaller and smaller. If you lose points again, you may lose your qualification for promotion.

Current statistics of Karlsruher

Although Karlsruher has suffered six consecutive rounds of embarrassment recently, they still maintain a very high away level. In the past 10 league away games, they have won as many as 8 games. The away dragon attribute is becoming more and more obvious. This time, there must be capital. Caused a lot of trouble for Hamburgr.


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