2. Bundesliga Hamburger vs Nurnberg: match preview and tips

new typeFootballPosted on May 10,2021


Current statistics of Hamburge

Hamburge is now ranked No. 5 in the league. Everybody knows that the team does not want to upgrade. Now the season is about to end a few rounds. It is estimated that the latter will be played with a negative attitude. The recent state trend is extremely bad, and it has been 5 consecutive times. The failure to win every game proves that Hamburg's fighting spirit is very problematic, but history and Nuremberg's nearly ten encounters have the upper hand with more wins and fewer losses, and they have a certain psychological advantage.

Current statistics of Nurnberg

Nurnberg originally planned to upgrade, but unfortunately the performance of the following teams was confused. Although they have performed well recently, they have maintained an undefeated record in 8 consecutive games, but they have long been far away from the upgrade area and are now in a non-defeated area. There is no pressure to upgrade and there is no pressure to relegation, even though Nurnberg is more attentive to the next game.


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