2. Bundesliga Fortuna Dusseldorf vs Bochum: match preview

new typeFootballPosted on March 22,2021


Current statistics of Fortuna Dusseldorf

Fortuna Dusseldorf is currently ranked 2. Bundesliga is sixth. It is a team that is better at home games. In the past ten home games, 9 of the past ten home games have maintained an unbeaten record. Dusseldorf has a stable offensive performance. , Averaging 1.6 goals per game in ten games, which allows the team to have a place in the league, but the defensive end is not good enough, almost every game will have lost balls.

Current statistics of Bochum

Bochum’s top spot was robbed back by Hamburg. The last game against the Hamburg team’s left wing won a red card shortly after the start. As a result, Bochum lost the game with one less player. Bochum’s overall performance Fair, the last six games have achieved a record of 4 wins and 2 losses, this challenge to Dusseldorf may not be ineffective.


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