2. Bundesliga Fürth vs Holstein Kiel: match preview and tips

new typeFootballPosted on February 22,2021


Current statistics of Fürth

Fürth has improved a lot in the midfield this season, especially the improvement in the front line. It can be said that it is obvious that the current average goal rate is close to 2 goals per game, second only to the leader Hamburg, which makes them in the league. Very competitive. In the recent period, Fürth has not only maintained a winning rate of up to 80%, but also recently played a wave of unbeaten records of 3 wins and 3 draws in the league. Now the ranking has risen to No. The four have re-seeed the opportunity to compete for the promotion place, so this game facing the third-ranked Kil Goldstein is undoubtedly a key battle worth six points.

Current statistics of Holstein Kiel

Holstein Kiel currently ranks third in the league. They have already tied with Hamburg and Bochum in terms of points. They are only behind with a goal difference. Therefore, they will not only need to strive for victory, but also need to gain more. Scored goals. In recent times, Holstein Kiel has become more and more courageous. Recently, the league has played a wave of three consecutive victories, and it is also the only team in the league to remain undefeated in away games. Its ability to fight in different places is the league The strongest.


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