2. Bundesliga Braunschweig vs SC Paderborn 07: Match Tips

new typeFootballPosted on April 16,2021


Current statistics of Braunschweig

Braunschweig's recent state of ups and downs, currently hovering near the relegation zone, they only have a 3 point relegation advantage, and the strength is undoubtedly a weak team. However, the team's state has improved significantly recently, losing only one game in the past seven rounds.

Current statistics of SC Paderborn 07

SC Paderborn 07 performed well throughout the season. After the 3-0 victory over Bochum in the last round, it still ranked in the middle of the standings, and its strength was slightly higher than Brunswick. It is worth noting that Spigny and Frisch have scored 12 goals and 11 goals respectively in Paterborn. The two are the main offensive points of the team and their scoring efficiency is good. This campaign is worthy of attention.


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