2. Bundesliga Aue vs Nuremberg: match preview

new typeFootballPosted on April 20,2021


Current statistics of Aue

Aue is currently ranked tenth in the Bundesliga, and there is little room for growth in the remaining rounds of matches. The overall state of the team is not good. In the last ten games, only two victories have been won, but the offensive end has firepower. It is guaranteed that he has scored goals in 5 consecutive games, plus he is good at home games, this game against the bitter Nuremberg, Aue is not doing nothing.

Current statistics of Nuremberg

Nuremberg’s history and Aue’s nearly ten encounters have had more wins and fewer losses. The team has a psychological advantage, and the recent state is stable. It has remained unbeaten for five consecutive games, but Nuremberg is not stable on the defensive end. Lost balls occurred in several games in the United States. It is worth mentioning that Nuremberg's away game performance was average, with only 2 victories in the past ten away games.


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