2.Bundesliga Aue vs Bochum: Match Tips

new typeFootballPosted on February 19,2021


Current statistics of Aue

Aue has been unable to win three consecutive games recently. His recent performance is extremely poor, and Aue has not done well on the defensive end. A total of 17 goals lost in ten games, averaging 1.7 goals per game This makes it difficult for the team's ranking in the league to rise, but it is worth mentioning that Aue is better at home games and has an unbeaten rate of 80% in the past ten home games.

Current statistics of Bochum

Bochum currently ranks second in the Bundesliga with 42 points with Hamburg and Kiel Goldstein. As long as they win this game, they will have a chance to widen the point difference. Bochum has played against Aue in nearly ten times. There are more wins than losses, and the psychological advantage is obvious. Moreover, Bochum has won victories in the last two games. The morale of the team is in full swing. Bochum cannot be taken lightly by the defeat of Aue.


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