365 Tips has the most comprehensive match database in the industry. The tips solution is based on big data and machine-learning algorithms, which analyzes the head to head records, odds changes, technical stats and tactics, strength, team news and other factors of both sides in multiple dimensions, and provides users with relatively stable and high returns matchTips.
Tips description:
1. 365 Tips will collect and analyze the big data of the game, and will generally give professional tips within 8 hours before the start of the game to ensure the accuracy of the program and a high hit rate; 2. In order to ensure that scouts can provide you with professional tips for reference, please stay tuned to the page to analyze the tips situation. 3. 365 Tips will conduct real-time analysis based on real-time data. During the analysis process, when it comes across a game that it has insufficient confidence, if it does not show the tips plan until the start of the game, it means it will give up the prediction of the game and hide it. Inquiry and feedback email: cl365tips@gmail.com